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High Quality Hollow Rectangular Steel pipe Galvanized Square Tube

Short Description:

The square pipe is divided into ordinary carbon steel square pipe and low alloy square pipe according to the material.General carbon steel is divided into :Q195, Q215, Q235, SS400, 20# steel, 45# steel, etc.Low alloy steels are divided into Q345, 16Mn, Q390, ST52-3, etc.

  • Length: support customization
  • Thickness: 5-30mm or support customization
  • Standard: JIS, BS, ASTM, GB, DIN, JIS g3460-2006, BS en10296
  • Technology: hot rolling and cold rolling
  • Steel grade: q195-q235 / St 37 / 52
  • Grade: a53-a369, A53 (a, b), A106 (B, c), a179-c, A192, 16Mn
  • Processing services: welding and cutting
  • Application field: building structure
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product Description

    1. Large-diameter square tube (GB/T8162-1999) for structure is a large-diameter square tube for general structure and mechanical structure.

    2. Large-diameter square tube for fluid transportation (GB/T8163-1999) is a general large-diameter square tube for conveying water, oil, gas and other fluids.

    3. Large-diameter square tube for low and medium pressure boilers (GB3087-1999) is used for manufacturing superheated steam pipes, boiling water pipes and locomotive boiler superheated steam pipes, large smoke pipes, small smoke pipes and arches for various structures. Hot-rolled and cold-drawn (rolled) large-diameter square tubes of high-quality carbon structural steel for brick tubes.

    4. Large-diameter square tube for high-pressure boiler (GB5310-1995) is a high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel tube with large diameter for the heating surface of water tube boiler for high pressure and above.

    5. High-pressure large-diameter square tube for chemical fertilizer equipment (GB6479-2000) is a high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel large-diameter square for chemical equipment and pipelines with working temperature of -40~400°C and working pressure of 10~30Ma. tube.

    6. Large-diameter square tube for petroleum cracking (GB9948-88) is a tube-tube heat exchanger and a large-diameter square tube for petroleum refinery.

    7. Steel pipe for geological drilling (YB235-70) is a steel pipe used for geological drilling by the geological department. It can be divided into drill pipe, drill collar, core pipe, casing and sedimentation pipe according to the application.

    8. Large-diameter square tube for diamond core drilling (GB3423-82) is a large-diameter square tube for drill pipe, core rod and casing for diamond core drilling.

    9. Oil Drilling Pipe (YB528-65) is a large-diameter square pipe used for thickening or external thickening at both ends of oil drilling. There are two kinds of steel pipe and no wire, the wire pipe is connected by a joint, and the non-wire pipe is welded by a butt welding method and a tool joint.

    10. Carbon steel large-diameter square tube for ships (GB5213-85) is a carbon steel large-diameter square tube for the manufacture of ship class I pressure pipe system, class II pressure pipe system, boiler and superheater. The working temperature of the large-diameter square tube wall of carbon steel does not exceed 450 °C, and the working temperature of the large-diameter square tube wall of alloy steel exceeds 450 °C.

    Product Specification

    Size: O.D.:
    rectangular pipe 20*30-400*600mm
    square pipe 10*10-500*500mm
    round pipe 18-610mm
    Thickness: 1-40mm
    Length: 1~12m(5m,5.8m,6m,11.8m,12m)
    or other length as customers' requests
    O.D tolerance: ±0.02mm
    Standard: ASTMA53,BS1387-1985,GB/T3091-2001,GB/T13793-92, GB/T6728-2002
    Material: Q195,Q215,Q235,Q345,ST37 ST52, A36,A53,SS400,S235,S275,C20,C45,1006,1008,1010,1022
    Product Category: Allurgy,Mineral &Energy
    Application Construction, building material, Bridging ;
    ship building,fence,heating facilities,airport structures;
    chemical structures,traffic,electricity, etc
    Technique: Hot rolled / extruded,ERW,High-frequency welded
    Surface: Black, anti-rust,oiled,galvanized,painted
    Or as customers' requirements
    Pipe end: Plain end; beveled end; Protected by plastic pipe cap
    Origin: china
    Trade  Information Price: Negotiated
    MOQ: 5 tons per size
    Payment Terms: T/T , L/C, Western Union
    Trad terms: FOB; CNF; CIF
    Delivery time: With 20 days after confirmed order
    port qingdao port

    Product Packaging

    Packing Details  : Bundles with steel straip or Wooden box ,as customers' request

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