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About Lead glass

Lead glass is a new type of glass, which can effectively resist radiation entering the room. Lead glass not only has the effect of anti radiation, but also has many other advantages, such as non-toxic, tasteless and anti oxidation. The luminescence of lead glass is ≥ 85%, and the lead content in lead glass is ≥ 26%. The ethyl glass used in lead glass is a transparent X-ray protective material and uses all necessary facilities to protect against radiation diagnosis, medical facilities, nuclear medicine and industrial radiation protection; Therefore, lead glass is better protected; The lead glass of the monitoring window must be equipped with special ethyl glass. Ensure no radiation and lead glass protection. Stainless steel is used for medical lead plate. Ethyl glass for hospital pictures. Other specifications can be modified according to customer requirements.
The selection and ordering method of lead glass is that the manufacturer and the customer should pay attention to the use of radiation proof glass in hospital radiology. At present, many manufacturers of anti radiation glass in the market are difficult to buy in many hospitals. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for us to choose good anti radiation glass. Lead or lead is often used as an obstacle to absorb unnecessary lines. Remote protection means the principle of proportion between X-ray and X-ray area. In the square of distance, the shadow is reduced by increasing the distance between X-ray source and people. Lead glass has the characteristics of anti radiation and transparency, and generally has the smallest effect within the range of shadow level allowed by X-ray. People should not give up necessary X-rays because of radiation, let alone be afraid of being radiated. The main structure of lead protective glass is composed of steel and lead, which is often used.

Post time: Jun-07-2022